Just another human

Once I escaped the Seminary. Hence the name. For those of you blissfully unaware of what that means, it’s where you send young men to become old priests in young mens bodies. (And if you read the papers and the scandals, there’s two ways to read that sentence). I’m not here to bash Catholicism, religion, or anyone’s personal beliefs. Let it suffice to say that some beliefs didn’t fit with mine and I wandered away to make my own way in the world.

It’s been fun since then. I’ve walked the deserts in the Middle East and sat with fifty thousands Muslims praying in concert. I’ve got wildly drunk with tribal-chiefs in Africa and thrown a gang-lords nephew over a table in a bar-brawl (they don’t smash like in the movies). I’ve watched elections get rigged in the Caribbean (and helped rig a few myself) then eaten lobster with the celebrating prime minister.

I’ve built two start-ups, sold them both and vowed to never work for “the man” again. Then I worked for the man. Again. I’m a moron. I’ll never do it again.



I‘ve fallen in love and then fallen deeper into hate. I’ve watched friends marry and people have children. I’ve had, nor wanted, any of my own but then almost adopted a Tanzanian street-kid who somehow reminded me of me. I learned how to hack computers in Asia and lift heavy barbells in the EU. I learned just how lost I am before finding myself again.

I escaped the Seminary because I lost my faith in god, and through that, I lost my faith in everything. Then, when wandering the world, I found a new faith – in mankind. I found a new school of man with no promises that can be broken because no promises are made. I’m the godless Seminarian and this blog is about the lessons I’m learning along the way.



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