Basically I’m a cliche. If a modern cliche is someone who travels the world, setting up businesses, hacking unsuspecting individuals and scribbling a novel. Maybe it’s a modern cliche. I prefer the term modern renaissance man. Although if I ever actually used it without a tone of self-mockery I’d deserve the punch to the kidneys I’d hope you give me immediately for using it.

Orlendr is my current novel. I have form, you see for writing novels. More importantly I have form for writing them and then either a) not finishing the final chapter or b) not publishing them. I’ve decided to buck both trends. I recently sold up all my businesses, moved to Asia and will do two things here;

  1. Experience this part of the world (I’ve always wanted to understand what people really mean by “Asian mindset”).
  2. Write and publish Orldendr.
  3. Launch a new start-up, probably in the Blockchain space (more of that to come).

So, that’s Orlendr. It’s, I suppose, a high-fantasy book – although I hate getting bogged down in jargon of any industry, even writing.  It’s a story that has been working around in my mind for a few years based around it’s major character who has evolved into someone with a story that needs to be told.

So much of the past few years of my life in Africa, Middle East, Caribbean and other assorted travels have influenced the cultures and places in Orlendr, of which one of the hardest things was planning the world itself when building it up. It’s, I think, a truly unique place and I’m excited to see how my characters fare in it.